What An Ash-Hole

St. Helens has blown it’s top again. Though mostly just an ash explosion reaching a paltry 36,000 feet and with an accompanying mag 2 earthquake, there was a bit of lava too. check out some pictures here and view the live webcam right here.

Other bits in the news I’ve been watching:

  • NYPLDigitalGallery
    The NYPL has amassed a simply stunning amount of information online and made it available to everyone. Since its launch traffic has been overwhelming, but now you can surf the volumes unabated.
  • Wiki Becomes a Way of Life
    A great little piece profiling a few of the brilliant souls contributing untold hours to the amazing wikipedia.
  • New WIFI, A Fine Mesh?
    Intel has announced its proposal for the next WIFI standard, 802.11s, which would enable more bandwidth and mesh-based networking.
  • TV Commercial Buried, Only to go Boom
    BoingBoing reports (and links to) a U.N. commercial aimed at getting complacent U.S. citizens aware of landmines. Don’t watch it if you’re not keen on that kind of thing, though I think it’s a great piece I’m not the least bit surprised it’ll never see mainstream play.

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